Distribution & Partners

Our sales concept is based on a division into sales territories by country, with the corresponding distributor having exclusive marketing rights for the respective country. The distributor itself can actively sell online our lures directly to end customer in the corresponding territory and, in parallel, selling the TURUS UKKO lures via its own network of retailers.

It is important to us that the distributor has profound knowledge in the field of predator fishing, has an excellent reputation in this market area and a wide market reach. The cooperation with nationally known influencers is explicitly desired.

Distributor for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy and France

Proudly we can announce that for the distribution one of the leading marketing experts in Germany, Carsten Zeck with his well-known company Zeck Fishing (www.zeck-fishing.com), could be found as a partner.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carsten Zeck for the great cooperation. For the start of the transfer of production to Germany and for the distribution of TURUS UKKO lures, his company was and is the first choice and a very close and trusting cooperation has already developed since the first contact at the end of 2021 made by Jarmo Rapala. Carsten and his whole team support us wherever they can. Many thanks also for his invitation to his booth at the trade show Angelwelt Berlin in November 2022, where we were able to present the first TURUS UKKO lures ever made in Germany. The resonance at the show was overwhelming.

Carsten expressed the wish to distribute completely new Shallow versions. Of course, we are happy to follow this great idea and the first prototypes were already developed in the summer of 2022 and tested very, very successfully. We will probably start April/May 2023 with the delivery of the classic TURUS UKKO lures in the sizes 9 cm, 12 cm and 16 cm in 6 colors each, which are shown here:

In summer 2023 the tests of all Shallow versions are expected to be completed and then they will be available through Carsten Zeck’s dealer network as well as online via his webshop. As a next step, it is planned to add the TURUS UKKO 20 cm version and the Ukko Jerk 15 cm to the range, of course also in the same over dacades proven manufacturing method and quality, when they were made in Finland. However, the weight of the 20 cm version will be changed to a lead-free version for environmental reasons and in addition, other colors will be added to the product range.

Because Carsten Zeck is increasingly active in Italy, France and the Netherlands, Carsten has also taken over the distribution of our lures in these countries in addition to the distribution areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are very pleased to be able to announce that we are currently working together with Jarmo Rapala on further new developments, which will then also be distributed via www.zeck-fishing.com.

Next step: distribution in other countries

While staring the production of the TURUS UKKO lures, we intentionally did not actively attempt to occupy any other sales territories. It was important for us first to establish standardized production processes that ensure a consistent quality of the lures and offers perfectly adapted steps that enable standardized mass production. This phase is now completed and the first large order from www.zeck-fishing.com can be delivered shortly.

We gladly accept inquiries for further sales areas. The focus of the new distribution partner should be on the field of freshwater predator fishing and the distribution partner must have proven experience in the B2B sector and should ideally have an existing marketing and sales network.

We are particularly interested in new distributors for the USA, for Great Britain, Spain and all Scandinavian countries. Of course we are searching for new partnerships also in any other country where a reasonable demand can be expected.

Cooperation with Jarmo Rapala

Many years ago the contact between Guido Behle, the importer of Scandinavian lure brands through his company Lucky Lures (www.luckylures.eu) and one of the most famous persons in lure making: Jarmo Rapala startet (Jarmo was the last active member of the Rapala family in the lure making, under whose surname the global company Rapala operates). Until 2007 Jarmo was responsible for the product development in this company and he was also CEO for a long time and until he quitted completely from the Rapala group.

A man like Jarmo, however, cannot simply stop with his passion. He bought various lure manufacturers that attracted his attention during his active time, with one focus on the Finnish brands Turus Ukko. For years Lucky Lures was the importer of TURUS UKKO lures for Germany and Austria. Over the years a close, trustful and friendly cooperation developed, whereby also the common fishing should not come too briefly.

2021 Guido Behle and Daniel Leuchtenberg (Nils Master Pro Angler Germany) founded Turus Ukko GmbH, to which Jarmo Rapala transferred the Turus Ukko brand, which ultimately led to the new production of the handmade lures being moving to Germany. Jarmo contributes all his knowledge and experience about the production of Turus Ukko lures to Guido and Daniel and continues to support them with advice and action in the continuation of the production of the classic TURUS UKKO lures as well as the development of totally new TURUS UKKO lures.

Cooperation with Uliy Beyer

You don’t really have to say much about Uli Beyer in the German-speaking fishing community. He is a legend of the predator fishing scene in Germany and had already made a name as an outstanding predator fisherman when social media did not even exist. Several trends and insights around predator fishing of the last 30 years can be attributed to him. He was and is a frequent and popular author of leading fishing media in print and online, has an own fishing and online store, his own YouTube channel, provides extensive information about fishing and has a sworn fan community that stands firmly by him and behind him. Uli’s successes have a solid basis: he is an enthusiastic, passionate angler and fishing guide with incredible experience and success rate.

Decades ago he brought, among many other fishing brands, the Finnish premium brands Turus Ukko to Germany as distributor and exclusive importer as a co-partner. He got out of this wholesale business and so this brand, known for outstanding fishing success, was somewhat forgotten.

When Lucky Lures participated at the fishing fair in Berlin 2019, the paths of Uli Beyer and Guido Behle crossed. Starting with this contact, a close, business cooperation has developed. But what makes us even happier: a close personal and friendly relationship has also grown out of it. In the meantime, Uli also offers the brand TURUS UKKO in his famous „UBS“ color (Uli Beyer Spezial Farbe), in addition to other brands distributed via Guido´s www.luckylures.eu.

Some videos in German language about this cooperation and about the TURUS UKKO lures are already online and of course more will follow. We would be very happy if you join us on our journeys via these videos.